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What is Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency?

Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency also known as Alpha-1, A1AD or AATD is an inherited, genetic condition that is passed on from generation to generation. As the name suggests it is a deficiency of alpha-1 antitrypsin (AAT) in the bloodstream. AAT is an enzyme produced in the liver to help protect the tissues of the body during infections. The low level of AAT in the blood occurs because the AAT is abnormal and cannot be released from the liver at the normal rate. This leads to a build up of abnormal AAT in the liver that can cause liver disease and a decrease of AAT in the blood that can lead to lung disease.

In Memorium

It is with great sadness that we announce that our friend John Mugford passed away peacefully at home on Monday morning, 30th January 2017.  John joined the group in 2005 and, until recently, had served for many years with great dedication, passion and stamina as the Chair of this charity.  John will be keenly missed and fondly remembered by his many friends and the Alpha-1 community at large. Our thoughts are with his wife Sheila and their family at this very sad time.  

Newsletter Autumn 2016 Now Available

Autumn 2016 Alpha-1 UK Newsletter Issue 15
Now Available

Contains 40 pages full of News and Information including:
Augmentation Therapy, AATD Expert Centres, Members Stories and much more

Top Story

West Midlands Specialist NHS Alpha-1 Service Now Operational at Two Centres

Further to our announcement in April of the establishment of a multidisciplinary specialist NHS clinics for Alpha-1 patients in the West Midlands, we are pleased to announce that this service is now offered at two centres: Alpha-1 clinics at University Hospital Coventry are run by Dr David Parr and have been operational since May and, as of this week, Dr Alice Turner runs Alpha-1 clinics at the University Hospital Birmingham.

Both clinics are available to patients from across England, and patients can get referred to the clinic of their choice by their GP or local specialist.

The following links provide information and details of how to get referred and make an appointment:

University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire 
Further information - 02476 967697

University Hospital Birmingham
Further information - 0121 371 3885



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