Annual Meeting Update 2020

Annual Social Gathering & Information Day 2020


As many of our veteran members will know we have held our annual event in September every year for over 20 years (yes, we’ve really been supporting alpha’s and their families for that long) and this year is no exception. However, despite historically hosting their annual meeting in the Spring, Alpha-1 Awareness decided to schedule theirs at the very same weekend as us. This is especially awkward for those of you who are members of both groups and don’t want to miss out on either meeting. With that in mind, and with the additional challenge of COVID meaning that meetings now have to be virtual events, we have carefully considered how we can best serve the alpha-1 community and our members most effectively until the COVID-related restrictions ease off.


Our Trustee Tanya Jones started to host virtual coffee mornings/evenings during the COVID lockdown and many of our members took advantage of getting together for a chat, so far we have hosted over 30 of these meetings. Hearing from you during these sessions has given us insight into what may be important to you, and we have considered what we can do to try and help especially as winter approaches.


We are very excited to announce that the Alpha-1 UK Support will be holding the following virtual events in the coming weeks instead of our Annual Social Gathering & Information Day this year:


Chair Yoga – weekly lunchtime sessions
This event will be led by Ali Graves who is a fully qualified yoga teacher


Managing Your Mental Health & Wellbeing
This event will be led by Matthew Vickers a Professional Psychotherapist


Alpha-1 UK Support Research Conference
This event will review current research activities and clinical trials internationally and within the UK. There will be presentations from multiple companies followed by a live Q&A session Chaired by Professor David Parr.


We will announce further details for each event independently in our Facebook Group and via email to our members.