Alpha-1 Petition delivered to Downing Street

On Tuesday 30th July a group of Alpha-1 patients and clinicians representing the Alpha-1 Alliance delivered the campaign’s e-petition to Number 10 Downing Street. The e-petition, which closed with 2,389 signatures, calls on the Government to nationally commission a highly specialised service for Alpha-1 within the NHS so that patients can access specialised support and treatment, including augmentation therapy.

Dr Ravi Mahadeva, Alpha-1 specialist and Chair of the Alpha-1 Alliance said “I’m delighted at the level of support our e-petition received. By taking this petition to Downing Street and presenting it for the Prime Minister to see, we’re making sure that politicians at the very highest level are aware of our campaign and the need to commission new NHS services for Alpha-1. 

Over the next few months we’ll be substantially increasing our campaign activity, which will include organising a Patient Day in Parliament and launching a policy report on the views and experiences of patients.”

Mark Pawsey, MP for Rugby said “I’m so pleased to see my constituent, Steven Leadbetter, delivering this important petition to Downing Street. I’ve met with Steven on several occasions and have made a commitment to champion the Alpha-1 Alliance campaign in Parliament. I think it’s crucial that we raise the profile of Alpha-1 amongst parliamentarians to help them understand how patients are affected and the benefits of access to new services.